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Resco Original Foo Foo Powder 3 oz

Resco Original Foo Foo Powder 3 oz

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American-made Resco Foo Foo Powder is an excellent coat finisher and dry cleaner. It enhances the natural beauty of the coat whether a house pet or show pet. Resco Foo Foo Powder can be used on all breeds and is effective on all types of coats.

For fur and coat cleaning, simply sprinkle Foo Foo Powder on your pet's coat, rub in, and comb out!

For a professional-looking shine, dampen the coat or use after washing when the coat is nearly dry. Sprinkle evenly over the coat, then rub with the hand in the direction the hair lays. Comb out when nearly dry--then brush. Best results are obtained by using several days before showing.

Can also be used for stiffening the coat for stripping.

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