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Farber Products Pre-step Creme 8 oz

Farber Products Pre-step Creme 8 oz

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This product was developed for removing “stud tail” grease from the skin and coat.  Pre-Step was not intended to be used on the entire body of the cat, but only in the worst areas for grease and grime.  Some animals are so dirty that the first time it may be necessary to use it all over, but then you will find that only spot use is needed.  Use a small amount at a time and rub in into the coat.  It ill take some work but be sure to get the Pre-Step all the way down to the skin.  If needed add more and work into the coat for several minutes.  After some time, the color of the Pre-Step may change color which means the grease/dirt is coming out.  When you have worked the paste in for a while, use a cloth to wipe out as much of the paste as possible.  If you are using the Pre-Step for the first time a second application to totally remove the really bad dirt/grease and grime could be used.

Pre-Step will wash out with water but it is recommended that it be washed out with any quality shampoo.  Unlike cleaners designed to remove grease from humans, Pre-Step dose not leave a residue behind to collect dirt and will not cause dry skin.

Over time we have found many uses for Pre-Step that were not thought of during its creation.  It has been used for anyplace that a cat or dog will have excess grease or crime has collected including behind ears, legs the back end and around the mouth.  It has shown to be effective to remove or reduce tear stains under the eyes when applied with a cotton swap taking care to avoid getting it in the eyes.  Repeat use on urine stains will lighten the stain if not remove totally.  If you’re not sure what the substance is, try Pre-Step first, before any other products or water.  Pre-Step will remove most any organic substance/matter that gets in the or on a coat.

Price is for each 8 ounce container.

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